It is surprisingly fun to talk about sex and lifestyle as the topic can ne’re be boring. Let’s begin by reiterating the old -folks- have -sex thrills, shall we? A recent study by Kinsey Institute for research in sex notes that couples between 40-49 years either had sex once or less on a weekly scale. That finding was obvious. However, a different study drawn from comment analysis by the university of manchester found out some aged folks were really having a good time, and not just any fun, but lots of sex.

However, the study highlighted the desire of older folks aged 50-90 years to have sex. But their effort is shortlived by constant neglect by doctors dues to their proneness to health conditions. The nagging question is, which are the best sexual positions for senior couples.

It’s quite thrilling to first understand that there are over 200 certified sex positions out there, most explicitly explored by porn artists. It makes sense for older couples to indulge in positions that favour their comfort and satisfaction. Otherwise, their back and joints are vulnerable at this point, as some sex positions get intense, and exploring safer sex positions at this age is paramount. Here is what you’ve been missing!

The Missionary Style

Although it is considered old-fashioned, it is still the most popular among the best sexual positions for senior couples and is a safe way to engage in pleasurable sex with your partner. The woman comes on top of the man, with a slightly resting bend knee and vice versa. However, whether you look at it from both ends, the partners’ weight is evenly distributed with no chances of back-straining, and satisfaction is guaranteed. So, If you are new here, get a date and extract the juice out of this life.

The Mighty Spooning Sex Position

It is not only the best sexual positions for senior couples but also the most preferred position by couples generally. It is the cuddle style position, and most couples refer to it as the go get it post-coitally where both lovers might fall asleep. ‘It’s a cool doggie style.’ To explore all pleasures, the man cuddles the woman from the back. Some wish it was the other way round. The woman can then choose to lift her leg slightly or just rub back and let him penetrate from a right angle with pleasure and comfort without teasing the back and joints.

Chair Cut Position

You won’t believe it when I tell you that the chair cut position is very kind on the back and joints. In fact, among the best sexual positions for senior couples, it is way too comfortable than any other Kamasutra position you’ve practised before. In this position, a man sits on a chair, and the woman takes on his laps, creating a point of entry at a parallel angle. The chair has to be low enough for the woman to rest her feet firmly on the floor as the game heats up.

Variation to spooning

Ideal for folks with a backache. This variation comes in handy for those with health-related stressors such as stretch aches and joint pain. The man comfortably lies on his side, head supported by his elbow, pelvis twisted perpendicularly in line with the woman ready for penetration. Interestingly, no much effort is required for this position. Both the man and a woman move in succession waves to create a rhythmic sex escapade.

The good old 69

One of the most pleasurable positions which exert less pressure on the joints. Both the man and the lady can be on the top and vice verser mutually inverted.

Bottom line

Despite the position you take, let it be in agreement with your partner to realize satisfaction, as sex is built on that core value of happiness. Remember, practice make perfect, and you should try these positions sometime.